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Some pics i took 2 weeks ago in #ferguson , we still need justice for the murder of #mikebrown 

Directed by : Jemaray 

Can you believe it’s only been twelve days?

Twelve days since unarmed Ferguson, Mo. teenager Mike Brown was shot and killed by police officer Darren Wilson.

In that span of time, Ferguson went from being a regular small Missouri community to basically a war zone, as local police attempt to control protesters who want Wilson arrested.

The world has been watching. And we’ve all seen the same thing: an overaggressive strategy employed by police. Even though most of the people protesting for Wilson’s arrest are peaceful, police could be seen throwing tear gas and shooting rubber bullets at the crowd.

GlobalGrind saw this overzealous attitude up close and personal last weekend, when we flew down to Ferguson to see what was going on. While there, we wanted to ask locals about police behavior before the Mike Brown shooting. So we talked to various Ferguson residents and other notable St. Louis names (like legendary comedian and activist Dick Gregory, and elected official Antonio French.)

If you’ve been following the coverage over the last two weeks, hearing what Ferguson folks have to say shouldn’t be shocking.

Article by Dimas Sanfiorenzo

Some pics i took at Summerjam 2014 Festival Stage 

interesting experiment 

Confronting Racism Face To Face: Black Lady Approaches KKK & Neo Nazi’s During Rallies!

Good commercial nice case study powerful message 

My baby sister
My baby sister
My baby sister

My baby sister


Ninjasonik’s Telli Pan has teamed up with producer Slimmy Neutron (HVLO, Nina Sky, She’s Ryan) to form a new group titled FAME SCHOOL.

Today, we’re hitting you with a premiere of the duo’s first official single, “Already Know,” off their forthcoming debut EP, Level Updropping this summer. Directed by Jemaray, the video sees Telli and Slimmy running through Chinatown, on some Frank White shit, and participating in some rather interesting adult arts & crafts with tatted hottie Alexandra Estevez (VH1′s Black Ink).

Check out the King of New York-inspired music video for “Already Know” in the player up top, and be on the lookout for more from Fame School in the near future.

Change is coming

  • People defending Donald Sterling losing his team in a private conversation have a point but I don’t fuck with those people because private or public certain things are not said by good humans and his words and actions over the years proves that he is not a good one. He doesn’t deserves to be in power. Hope he dies a slow death that his money cannot save him from. We’re not letting that racist bullshit fly no more. Take heed from words of a comrade.

          - Jemaray

          photo cred: i beenwill